We would like like to welcome everybody to “ForCabDrivers.com.” Please look at the article written by Reporter Mike Cassidy (one of those reporters who makes this world a better place) about the website, in the Silicon Valley newspaper of  ”San Jose Mercury News” Sep 28, 2012 edition. Please also see below how you can enter to win a laptop.

Good News:

(A couple of  lending institutions have just contacted us about offering car loans to drivers. If you are looking to buy a cab or shuttle which is 2-3 years old and are looking for financing, you can contact us for more info. )

 (Another Good News is that we have been mobiled. Try ForCabDrivers.com now with your smart phone or handheld device for easier and on the move access.)


We would like to announce the introduction of Forcabdrivers.com. A website dedicated to getting cabdrivers connected from coast to coast. A website which serves as as a central location or gathering place for all the scattered  information and ideas out there in cab land. A website for cab drivers by cab drivers.

Some of the topics and questions the Forcabdrivers.com website will be focusing on include :

  • The sharing of news related to our cab industry from various cities and regions;
  • Maintaining our cabs inexpensively so that our customers can have safe rides;
  • What kinds of informations do we need to be aware of in order to take care of our credit?
  • Financial advice from the experts as it applies to us;
  • How do immigration laws and rules affect us and our families?
  • Exchange of ideas on how best to provide customer service;
  • How can the process of getting loans and other services from banks and other financial institutions be made easier for our members?
  • Locating products useful to the cabdriver community at discounted prices;
  • How can we cut our vehicle maintenance expenses? This can include the sharing of information among ourselves as to who the good mechanics are in our area; where we can get good deals on transmission jobs and the like;
  • Learning from the experiences of different cab communities, so that we can apply the lessons learned to our local situations;
  • What kinds of deals can the members of this website get from local and international airline companies, especially when flying back to their native countries?
  • How can we save money on our day to day expenses like gas?
  • The sharing among ourselves of cab stories, jokes and great quotes from some remarkable people from all over the world so as to get inspired;

These are, to name but a few, the kinds of topics we will be focusing on and discussing.

At the same time, we are also starting a membership drive on the site. We invite everybody to become a member. The larger the membership number, the more access we can have to the ears and eyes of decision makers besides others.

Besides what were noted above, we may  be able to get special discounts from  insurance companies, auto spare parts stores, the big chain stores and the like. So we encourage you to click on the Home page now and register as members.

Finally, leaving the best for last, we would like to take this opportunity to announce that we are planning to award prizes to lucky winners. Iphones, laptops, tablets, Ipads, and other kinds of useful and exciting gadgets will be won by lucky drivers. (What else, after all the site originates in Silicon Valley!!)

The draws, as you guessed it will be made only from the registered cab driver members of the ForCabDrivers.com website. All that is required from you is to show participation in the website. You can give comments and suggestions on any of the sections you read. Once we see that you are participating, your name will be entered into the draw and you will be eligible to win the prizes. The first ever prize at the Forcabdrivers.com website will be a laptop.

On the right hand side of the Home page, you will find an easy membership form which will take about 3 minutes to fill. Remember, If you don’t become a member you can’t win any prizes. Good Luck.

Thank You and enjoy the website.

Yohannes Taye